There is a deep meaning to this

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Is this the full set, now? XD

Fun fact: Penguin have threatened to have the books of this Ladybird parody pulped!
(I’m fairly sure i’ve also recently seen giant Ladybird-pastiche paintings by… someone who is not Miriam Elia (or the artist who did the ‘ladybord book of policing’ a while back) but haven’t found the search terms necessary to confirm)

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I liked this from the Beeb a lot. 

I liked this from the Beeb a lot. 

This is the sort of message I send to people on whatsapp because I am a wonderful (irritating) friend. 

ArtistLiam Clark
Titlewinnie-the-pooh whatsapp

Problem at Sea is perhaps the worst I have ever seen Poirot dressed. What is even going on here Hercule? And to think that in just the previous episode you were rocking the best best, albeit atypical, double-breasted number. 


hyblean asked: what formation do you think would work better? (i honestly have no idea, i don't know anything about strategy)

A few would work better. 4231 or 433 are the obvious ones, but at the end of the day, having just two central midfielders, away from home, at Arsenal of all places, is just stupid. We’ve got away with it lately against weaker teams because Adebayor’s been dropping back and helping out a lot in midfield, but he didn’t do that at all today. AVB seems to have been sacked for being inflexible and only playing one up front/4231 but Sherwood is being just as inflexible with a worse gameplan. It’s mind-numblingly stupid, all of it. 

Oh. Oh I like this.